The Future of Humanity (10 slogans)

We call on all of us to devote ourselves to the philosophical and historical scientific world view. We consistently raise the following scientific view of the world and the view of historical science.

  1. Humanity and its societies advance from the eternal past to the eternal future, moving, developing, exploding, and converging. The energy is living power of the human, the productive forces.
  2. The development of the productive forces has created a human society (nation) as the relations of production according to the degree. First of all it was primitive community, and then it changed into slavery, feudalism, capitalism, and socialism. The development of productive forces has consistently changed the relations of production (nation). It will continue to be so.
  3. As physics proves, all living things have been created by the environment. The human race has also been a product of the environment and has evolved. The environment changes human beings. A new environment and a new society create a new type of human beings.
  4. As a history of humanity has proved, one rule power or one national form has never been eternal. History has always moved, changed, developed, transformed, and created new eras one after another. Historical conversion is neither quiet nor straight. Explosion and convergence is a law of history. History inevitably goes forward, but in the process it comes with accidents.  Accidents are bread for inevitability. And the inevitable world is the world by the people, for the people, and of the people. It is a more highly developed community society. History always reaches where it should be.
  5. What is a community? What is the world by the people, for the people, and of the people? The administration purpose of the nation, the society, and the production activity aims not only for the maximum profit and the profit pursuit, but also for the safety, the security, and the stability of people's lives, the cultural level, and the social environment.
  6. The world is not the nation and the society where production, matter, and money come first and the weak are victims of the strong, but the nation and the society based on solidarity and symbiosis where human nature and human dignity are treasured.
  7. In a community society, money and things are not everything, but the richness of the human mind and nature is the first. Not only the beauty of a figure and form, but the beauty of living figures and mind of working people come first. Instead of hurrying forward alone, no matter how late we are, we proceed together.
  8. Humanity and its societies have been products of the environment and historical being since birth. If the environment changes, humanity and its societies will also change. So if a nation and its power change, the human society will also change. 
  9. Forces to create community is the power by the people, for the people, and of the people. It is people's councils. Organize the council everywhere in the movement and the fight. Take up people’s demands as the will of the people in the council. And as power, carry out the responsibilities and duties demanded by the historical age.
  10. Although it was primitive, the first society which humanity created was a human society which was based on symbiosis, solidarity, and partnership. It is true that humanity has made a lot of detour, but meanwhile it has grown up and reached the phase of more developed modern community (nation and society). From here, the real human society, the society for the people will be born. Thus humanity will advance to the development and the fight of the space with all its force.